Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Death Metal for Kids

Fine, I admit it. I listened to Death Metal. Occasionally I still do.

As my husband is fond of saying - "You can take the girl out of Tampa...".

A while back I asked a good friend of mine to make me a mixed cd of songs for kids. ( I have a point here, I swear) and I was not at all surprised when my son decided he loved this song.

The Thunderlords bill themselves as The First Metal Band for kids. They might be right.

And nobody asked me to write this or gave me anything for free (except Erin, but that is different and it was also several years ago) but I have suddenly become popular with the under 5 car pool crowd and I thought I'd throw the rest of you a bone.

Because I rock.

*flashes you all the devil horns*

Friday, March 6, 2009

Searching and Winning

If you read my regular blog you may be aware that I am hopelessly addicted to search engines where you can win stuff just by searching.

I use blingo and winzy and several others, but I just came across a new one called swagbucks.

Here is what I like about swagbucks:

1) It is actually a pretty good search engine. It gets its results from Google and Ask.com. Sure, Google is still better, but you can't win any prizes or money searching on Google.

Search & Win

2) I win relatively frequently. I rarely won anything on Blingo or Winzy but I usually win at least one or two Swagbucks each day. Then you can buy things with your swagbucks.

Cool, huh?
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