Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sarah Reviews Harry Potter and the Deatlhy Hallows


I liked the book, but that isn't what I am here to talk about.

I'd like to discuss the conspiracy that involves telling everybody that is reading Harry Potter Book 7 that Harry dies.

I was pissed. Sure, I took six months to read it, but did everybody have to tell me that Harry dies?

So then I get to the end, and he LIVES?

I mean, deep down I didn't want Harry to have to die, but I had prepared myself for the inevitable. I was almost disappointed when it had a happy ending.

Now what should I read?

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sarah Reviews 4 Random Movies


Shit Sandwich.

Seriously, the CG was good and the rest blew. The End.

Sense and Sensibility

I watched the Ang Lee version of Sense and Sensibility and I thought it was wonderful. Jane Austen writes great stories and the acting was excellent. I love Emma Thomson and Alan Rickman and this time I didn't even hate Hugh Grant. I even cried.

When did I turn in to such a girl?

The Song Remains the Same


Don't get me wrong, I like Led Zeppelin, but holy shit, my ex wasn't just being bitter. Jimmy Page really was/is a sloppy guitar player. The live stuff was mediocre and the non-live stuff was just stupid.

Being There

I liked this movie. I thought Peter Sellers was excellent. I thought it was well acted and well directed. I don't think I understood the end. He can walk on water?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nick Jr. Saves the Day

Dear Nickelodeon/Nick Jr.,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my exhausted heart.

My kids have been absolute nightmares all day long. It took me two hours to get Claudia dressed this morning. Then the doorbell rang and it was DHL bringing me this:

Dora_spongebob_nick jr.

Your timing could not have been more perfect. My children saw this and were falling all over themselves to be well behaved. Suddenly "NO! AAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" became "Mommy, may we please watch Dora and the Mermaid? Dora is my favorite. Oh, I love Spongebob. Why, sure I'll put some pants on. Which pants would you like me to wear today?".

Thank you.

Your #1 Fan,

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sarah Reviews Dawn Simple Pleasures

About a week ago I got a big box in the mail. There was something small wrapped up in it and it had a really strong scent. I was kind of nervous, but it turned out to be a sample of the new Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid and air freshener.
The scent I got was lemon and tangerine. I was pleased because these are two of my favorite smells. (I guess if it smelled like bacon it would be kind of gross.)
Full disclosure: They didn't know this, but I always try to buy Dawn dish soap. I think it works better than the other ones.
I really like this dish soap. It works really well. I don't think the air freshener part is necessary, but I guess they needed a new twist. I would buy it again if it were reasonably priced.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sarah Reviews DevDad

DevDad is giving away a free camera for a review. I figured this would be a great way to break in the new site.

What can I say about DevDad? He is a stay-at-home Dad in Tampa. If you ever read my blog at all, you know I'm from Tampa too. Now, I have only recently discovered DevDad, and he seems to have a Boston hat on in a picture I saw of him, but if he is a Bucs fan then we have at least two things in common.

Well, three things. We also both have blogs and are stay at home parents.

His name is Mike and he seems to have some sort of career that "specializes in web design and search engine marketing". I'm not sure what that means, but if it drives more traffic, it must be a good thing.

He also has a wife named Sarah. My name is Sarah. I have a brother named Mike.

It would seem that DevDad and I actually have quite a bit in common.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go e-mail Mike and pester him about Tampa. Oh, and also win a camera.

So go visit DevDad. Do it now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is Where I am Going to Review Stuff

Hi. I'm Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah.

This is where I will be reviewing all the stuff that people send me.
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