Friday, October 26, 2007

Sarah Reviews 4 Random Movies


Shit Sandwich.

Seriously, the CG was good and the rest blew. The End.

Sense and Sensibility

I watched the Ang Lee version of Sense and Sensibility and I thought it was wonderful. Jane Austen writes great stories and the acting was excellent. I love Emma Thomson and Alan Rickman and this time I didn't even hate Hugh Grant. I even cried.

When did I turn in to such a girl?

The Song Remains the Same


Don't get me wrong, I like Led Zeppelin, but holy shit, my ex wasn't just being bitter. Jimmy Page really was/is a sloppy guitar player. The live stuff was mediocre and the non-live stuff was just stupid.

Being There

I liked this movie. I thought Peter Sellers was excellent. I thought it was well acted and well directed. I don't think I understood the end. He can walk on water?

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