Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sarah Dares to Tries New Makeup

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After I agreed to write a post about beauty tips I remembered something important - I don't know jack crap about makeup. Well, that isn't exactly true. I know things about makeup I am just really bad at applying it.

When I was in 8th grade I took a modeling class (shut up) and one of the section was on makeup application. I learned a lot and I can knock a nice late '80s look out of the park, but since it is 2011 and the Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam thing doesn't really play well at PTA meetings I try to mix it up a bit.

Originally I thought I was going to try something new and show you. I heard that they now offer mascara and lipstick that have collagen in them to plump up your lips and lashes.

I found the lipstick right away.

Then I went to find the mascara.

Holy cow!

That is just the L'Oreal mascara selection. I was a little overwhelmed but I eventually decided on the Voluminous Extra-Collagen for two reasons. 1) the package says 12x more impact instantly. I really wanted to see if that was true and 2) the bottom says EXTREME VOLUME and that reminds me of EXTREME RICE and EXTREME RICE makes me laugh.

You know, I think that might be my husband's cousin.

But back to the mascara - these are just your options for black.

I choose Black Noir which sounds French but I believe is just redundant.

I was going to show you how awesome it made my eyelashes, but I think I broke Photo Booth and also nearly poked out my eye trying to use the monitor as a mirror. Maybe someday when I acquire more RAM I can humiliate myself in front of all of you. Sadly today will not be that day.

Oh wait. Yes, today will be the day.

Actually after I did look in the mirror and fixed what I had done the mascara actually looked pretty great. Please ignore my lipstick. That was the first video. It wasn't pretty. This is why they never ask me to be on Momversation.

I do have one trick, and by an absolute coincidence L'Oreal is actually responsible for my trick. Don't tell anybody, but I actually use the little chart on the back of the eyeshadow thing.

True story.

And it looks good.

So, I told you mine. Now you tell me your makeup secrets.

Clearly I need the knowledge.

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