Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sarah Reviews Dawn Simple Pleasures

About a week ago I got a big box in the mail. There was something small wrapped up in it and it had a really strong scent. I was kind of nervous, but it turned out to be a sample of the new Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid and air freshener.
The scent I got was lemon and tangerine. I was pleased because these are two of my favorite smells. (I guess if it smelled like bacon it would be kind of gross.)
Full disclosure: They didn't know this, but I always try to buy Dawn dish soap. I think it works better than the other ones.
I really like this dish soap. It works really well. I don't think the air freshener part is necessary, but I guess they needed a new twist. I would buy it again if it were reasonably priced.
You can always find my regular stuff over at Sarah and the Goon Squad.

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