Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sun Country Rules

I have been known to trash an airline or two (or three) here on Sarah and the Goon Squad.

This time it is different. Last week I flew on Sun Country airlines. I know they aren't all over the place. They pretty much fly in and out of Minneapolis, but luckily for me that is where I was going. Apparently customer service is not dead in that industry. They were really great. I'm not kidding, the people on the phone were nice and so were the people that checked me in and the people at the gate and even the flight attendants! I was very impressed. They still pre-board if you are flying with young children and just to make me want to kiss them more, they even had a play area in their terminal at the Minneapolis airport.

Okay, I am done gushing for just a second. I have to tell you another story about my flight home.

I sat by Ian. Ian loves to read (well, really, make me read) the aircraft safety cards.


So I noticed something odd that I otherwise wouldn't have seen.


Notice anything funny?

If I were doing my Bossy impersonation, this is the part where I would have circled the ballerina in crash position and written something like "Who dresses like that to fly to Minneapolis anyway?" But alas. I still don't know how to use photoshop.

Can you spot what made me take a picture causing people to stare at me here?


Is it clearer here?


I was thinking maybe I had accidentally smoked some crack at the airport. What was going on here? Who designed this airline safety card? Jerry Garcia?

Then as we were getting ready to take off the nice flight attendant came over and said to Ian "If you can find the ballerina and the magician on the card you get a pair of wings!"

And then I felt like a jerk.

Well, sort of. The boy knew exactly where they were. His crazy mother had just been taking pictures of them for 15 minutes.

Really though, Sun Country was the best flying experience I've had in a couple of years. I thought it would only be fair to praise them for their work (and it also gives me another opportunity to tell U.S. Air, American Airlines and Spirit to suck it).

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