Thursday, September 9, 2010

Me and Ubisoft, Ubisoft and Me

I totally forgot to tell you guys about my new friends at Ubisoft.

That is me and a Raving Rabbid.

My new friends make video games (probably why we are so close). I finally got a chance to meet them at BlogHer in New York.

We spent the entire time playing a video game where magical creatures frolic and can earn accessories.

I made the mistake of telling my daughter about this video game. She wanted me to run out and buy her one right away. Of course 1) it hasn't been released yet and 2) I can't remember the name, but I assure you (and Claudia) that it was awesome and she is going to love it.

These are the same people that make Just Dance 2 (you know, the one that hosted the MamaPop v. Cool Mom Picks dance off at BlogHer '10?).

Ubisoft makes a ton of awesome games including "Press Your Luck" (Big Money, no Whammies!) a crazy Dragon game for the Nintendo DS that my son stole from me and several games for Wii and PlayStation 3 that my husband ran off with.

He didn't really run off. He just put them somewhere in our house that I don't know about.

This was one of them.

This was another one.

Anyway, I'll be back with more on these games and more about Ubisoft once one of my family members decided to let me play.

* * *

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