Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Fabulous Bloggers

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When I was asked to write a post about five fabulous bloggers I said "No problem!" I thought, easy peasy, I can name five bloggers that I think are fabulous while patting my head, rubbing my belly and chewing gum.

I mean, I could do this all day. I could probably name thirty blogs that I read daily. I could name a dozen blog post that have changed the way I do something or the way I feel about a topic. I could tell you about 15 people with whom I have had a playdate or attended a sporting event. I could name seven bloggers who I could call if my car broke down.

Here is the problem. I can only name five.

So, first I limited it to women. No reason. I had to make arbitrary rules and so I did. You can't stop me. Then I thought about who I would be actively sad if they stopped blogging.

Then I still had a really long list, so I just picked five. You were probably #6 or #7 so don't feel bad, but DO read these ladies. You will not be sorry.

Angela from Fluid Pudding - Angela has been a fabulous blogger since I was just figuring out what blogs were. At least that is true in my mind, her archives only go back to 2008. But no! I am certain that I was reading her back in 2005. Actually I know it for sure because I remember being convinced that one of her children was a model for a book that my kids had when they were babies but that was back in the day when I didn't realize you could just e-mail something like that to Angela and she would probably think it was awesome.

One time she posted a video of herself shoving a dozen marshmallows in her mouth in honor of her 38th birthday.

THAT is when I fell in love with Angela.

And when I e-mailed Angela to ask if I could post this video on my site she e-mailed me back in 10 minutes and said of course! That is what I call a fabulous blogger.

Danielle from Knotty Yarn - Danielle is the only blogger I know that has a blog post that is on a college syllabus. Beat that! Go ahead. Of course, if you go around writing posts like this it is bound to happen sooner or later. That isn't even my favorite one of Danielle's posts. Did I mention she is tall and pretty and an amazing photographer?

Deb from Deb on the Rocks - Deb might actually be the smartest woman I know. That is a huge compliment because I know a lot of brilliant ladies. Deb is astoundingly witty and also the reason I know what the word sigil means. She is like Sesame Street for grown people. Fabulous!

Jean from Stimeyland - Jean is truly as funny in real life as she is on her site. She also curses as much as I do and it makes me feel normal. Jean somehow manages to write about autism, parenting, pets and addictions to crossword apps all with equal hilarity. If I had a bucket list one of the things on it would be to go just hang out at her house and watch what happens. Jean is absolutely fabulous.

And this was her first glass of wine

Laurie from Laurie Writes - Laurie is my favorite writer. She is also my best friend. I think the two are somehow related but it is difficult to wrap my head around. I can take her to a baseball game or a hair metal festival and we have a blast and act like morons but then she writes things like Stones proving that just because a person yells at strangers on a Pittsburgh Street because they are wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey doesn't automatically mean that they aren't brilliant. Did I mention that she is also an outstanding editor? She is. I could tell you how fabulous Laurie is all day long but it would just make her uncomfortable so I will stop now.

Tell me who your five fabulous bloggers are.

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Photo of Sarah and Jean via Mommy Needs a Cocktail - also fabulous.

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