Friday, June 15, 2012

Every Day Desserts With Cool Whip

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My kids love dessert.

That might be a crazy thing to say. I supposed it would be equally fair to say that all kids love dessert.

Lately we have been eating a lot of fruit for dessert. The strawberries this year have been amazing and my son cannot get enough of them. I have been eating strawberries and yogurt for lunch and he just eats them plain for a snack. Strawberries are delicious and wonderful, but after eating them almost every day since February (we don't mess around during strawberry season) we were starting to get bored with plain old strawberries for dessert.

I had a great idea! Strawberry shortcake. All I needed was those little round cake things, strawberries and some COOL WHIP whipped topping. It is about the easiest thing in the world to make if your grocery store has the little round shortcake shells. Did you know that shortcake shells were a seasonal thing? Me neither!

Fortunately, I am very resourceful and had a plan B. Strawberry pie! Strawberry pie sounds like a fancy thing that involves work, but it can be as simple as a pre made graham cracker pie crust, strawberries, strawberry gel and COOL WHIP.

Guess what else is seasonal. If you guessed strawberry gel you win something, but it isn't strawberry pie unless you can wait until February.

For a moment I thought I was going to have to go to plan C. Plan C was one that Laurie suggested when I said I was going to make a dessert that involved COOL WHIP. Her recipe included pistachio pudding, fruit cocktail and COOL WHIP. This is a special White family recipe. They call it "The Green Stuff".

Now - I believe her when she says that it tastes good, however, I have two picky eight year olds and if I said dessert and put something in front of them that I called "The Green Stuff" and that it was White's recipe and when they asked what was in it I said "pistachio pudding and fruit cocktail" they would probably balk now and then continue to bring it up for years to come. Like "Hey kids, one time your Grandmother tried to trick us into eating green pudding with fruit cocktail in it. I think she might be a witch."

I decided several things: 1) I would come up with a plan D, 2) I would try The Green Stuff next time Laurie or her mom makes it with an open-ish mind, 3) I would never try to sell someone on a dessert by using the words "poor man's ambrosia" and 4) It is true what they say. I really am a snob.

Plan D. I bought half of a pound cake. I was going to bake one, but when I realized I could just buy a half of an already baked one that seemed like the path of least cake resistance. I still had my strawberries and I still had my COOL WHIP.

When I got home, I told my husband about my plan. He said "got it."

When Gabe says "got it" that means he is going to do it. His cooking skills eclipse mine and he started slicing the berries very thin. Then he put a tiny bit of salt and a little sprinkle of sugar on the strawberries and just let them sit. When you do that it leaches out some of the moisture and the berries almost make their own gel.

They sat like that until after dinner and when it was time for dessert he sliced the cake and put strawberries and COOL WHIP on top and it looked like we had a very fancy dessert for the kids. There is just something about adding COOL WHIP that makes it seem special instead of just a few things I threw together.

And by I, I of course mean Gabe.

And it was delicious.

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smart aleck said...

The Green Stuff is VERY similar to Watergate Salad. And does taste a bit like ambrosia. Try it once strawberry season is over. Really.

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