Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sarah Reviews Totally Random Things in Rapid Sequence

Pace Salsa Verde - surprisingly tasty for a mass produced jarred salsa.

K-Mart - They never have anything I am looking for. How are they still in business?

Best Buy Customer Service - One giant fail. I went there to buy an iMac and I couldn't get the attention of a sales person. I called the store (from inside the store on my cell phone) and nobody answered even though I could see the staff hanging out with each other talking about personal things. I finally stopped someone as they were walking by, she went and got a girl (whom I had been making eye contact with and who had completely been ignoring me).

I walked out, right after I explained to a manager why I would be spending my $1,700 (I needed accessories too) elsewhere.

I bought it at Micro Center. Those guys were really nice.

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