Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet as Chocolate - A See's Candy Giveaway!

See's Candy has asked me to share my sweetest love story with you for a pre-Valentine's Day giveaway.

At first I wasn't sure what I would share with you. My husband and I aren't very romantic people. When we were first dating I told him that he shouldn't buy me flowers, they cost a lot of money and my cat would eat them and then they would die. I would rather him buy me a six pack of beer.

He has remembered that and he must love me very much because he buys beer a lot.

We do go to dinners that happen to be romantic, but really as much as we enjoy each others company we're mostly there for the food.

One time my neighbor pointed out to me that we are the only couple that she knows that call each other "dude".

Of course that doesn't mean we aren't sweet to each other.

In 2004 I was very, very pregnant with The Goon Squad. I went into labor at 28 weeks. It was scary. If they were born when I first started having contractions they would have been three months early. On April 5th I was admitted to the hospital where I was put on bed rest indefinitely.

Five weeks later I was still there. You cannot even imagine how terrifying it is to spend weeks and weeks and weeks knowing that any minute now you could have two premature babies who may or may not make it. Most of the time was a complete blur of doctors and nurses and shots and extraordinary boredom mixed with fear, but I remember this Sunday very clearly. It was May 9th. It was Mother's Day.

My poor husband was still working 50 - 60 hours a week. He spent as much time in the hospital with me as he could but he still had to do things like laundry, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and taking care of our pets. He was stretched pretty thin. I don't know how he took care of everything and still spent four nights a week with me in my hospital room. I really don't know how he found the time to buy me a Mother's Day present.

On Sunday morning he handed me a little red box. Inside the box was a pair of emerald earrings. One from each baby. The earrings were their birthstone.

Three days later the babies were born. My husband gave me an emerald necklace to match the earrings. This one was from him. It was for having his babies.

If that isn't sweet I don't know what is.

Happy early Valentine's Day to all three of my Valentines - or Valentimes if you are one of the children.

Now for the giveaway part!

Just leave a comment telling me YOUR sweetest love story or leaving a link to one you posted on your own site.

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xiaolinmama said...

Aw sarah, I am teary! What a sweet story :) sniff sniff.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Cute! that's really sweet. I don't have a significant other so I think my sweetest story is when my mom left me a card and some candy for Valentine's Day b/c she was out of town. Obviously it's the only thing I got, so it was sweet. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Lisette said...

That is so incredibly adorably. I also got a bit teary eyed (:

I don't really have a sweet story of my own but here's one from a friend:

Last valentine's day her boyfriend of 3 years proposed to her on a beautiful lit rooftop.

I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!!! He also did other sweet things like buy her hundreds of roses but the rooftop looked beautiful. So I'm told because it's not like I saw it, it happened in Holland. :)


suburban prep said...

My story is that my I received flowers anonymously on the Friday before Valentine's Day. There was only an initial on the card. I called the florist and they stated that it was someone who worked at the same company I did. That is all the info they would give. I knew a few people with that initial. It also turned out the flowers were tulips which were and still are my favorite. Three weeks later just as I was about to go away on vacation with my sister for her Spring Break (She is 10 yrs younger than me and I needed a vacation). I found out who sent them.
Four yrs later on Valentine's Day with tulips in hand that same person asked me to marry them. This past November we celebrated 11 yrs married. The flowers that we had in our wedding came from that same florist that started off us being together.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

christina said...

I actually have two love stories to share because both are very dear to me.
When I was a first year senior (I had two senior years) in college there was a very cute transfer student who was in two of my art classes. I was really attracted to him and one day mid semester I decided to take a chance because I thought he was a very good person. I started to leave him anonymous notes in his art locker. They were one or two lines taken from different songs that referred to smiles because I thought he had the greatest smile. I left two a week for about a month. A few of us in the art department decided to go see The Addams Family movie. We had made arrangements and I was supposed to pick this cute guy up and go to the movies. At the last minute everyone in our group canceled so it was just the two of us. Since it was right before winter break I took a chance knowing that if he didn't reciprocate my feelings I'd have two weeks at home to ride out my embarrassment. I made a tape (yes, tape) with all the songs that I took the lines from. After the movie I dropped him back off and when he got out of the car I rolled down the window and told him he forgot something and threw the cassette tape at him and took off. The next time I saw him in class he said "So it was you." And so it began.

Four years later we got married.

The Huz is not very romantic, but he's pretty clever when he tries. I appreciate flowers but can think of better ways to spend money. I am a working artist and use many different materials. One day he came home from work and had one hand behind his back and said "I got something for you." I told him he shouldn't have wasted his money on flowers and he brought his hand forward and had a dozen glue sticks! It was awesome, just perfect.

ering said...

When I was away at college, my grandma was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. In high school she had picked me up every day and so we had a fairly close relationship. One of the results of Lou Gehrig's disease is that my grandma could no longer talk so I couldn't talk to her on the phone. One of my most precious Valentine's memories is receiving an envelope from her with about 12 red cut out hearts. She died within the year.

beyond said...

When I couldn't deal with any wedding preparations for our (very spontaneous) wedding anymore, my almost-husband spent two days visiting rooms all over manhattan to find the perfect one with the perfect view for our 24h honeymoon. He did, and then we had the loveliest honeymoon ever.

The Laughing Mouse said...

thus far, my sweetest love story is not the guy who nearly forced me into my first kiss by threatening to not get me home in time for curfew. or the **significantly** older guy who used me for other things, willing though i was, I was too young to realize what was going on. It was probably the guy who bought me a dozen miniature multi-colored roses on sweetest day because he was sweet and he liked me. The guy who walked me to my door and gave me what I, to this day, consider to be my *true* first kiss with me standing on the cement step and him on the ground and giving me a friend hug and pulling back into that Hollywood Theatrically perfect close-ness and kissing the most perfect kiss ever. Ever. Still gives me butterflies. That is my sweetest love story, for now. I’m signing up for Match this weekend, so hopefully I can top that soon!

Anonymous said...

Before we were married, one Valentine's Day my husband (then-boyfriend) made me a video card. It was hands down the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. The short iMovie features photos of us doing all our favorite things together, and has an interlude in the middle where he videotaped me one day being silly on the beach and writing our initials, D+K, equaling a heart in the sand. We eventually wed and the symbol at our wedding was a D and a K together, and the equation has totally stuck since then.

Anne said...

Aww, that is sweet!
My sweetest story is probably The Proposal. Wife and I had talked it through in our Logical Way and had purchased our engagement rings (matching) one weekend in May. We sent them out to be sized, and I was supposed to pick them up on my way home from work two weeks later. I called near when I was supposed to get them, and I was told they weren't ready yet, that they would be late. I was annoyed, because I wanted to surprise Wife with a nice proposal, even though we had already Logically Decided we were getting engaged and had picked out the rings together. I kept calling over the next few days, each time talking to a different person who kept telling me they weren't in yet, they weren't ready.
Friday night I got home from work and smelled apple pie baking, and heard soft music coming from the dining room. There I found a beautiful dinner, fresh pie, candles, soft music, and our rings, which Wife had picked up at the beginning of the week, in her hand. She had gotten the jewelry store people to lie to me ALL WEEK to keep it a surprise. Awww.

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