Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sarah Reviews Woodburners Two

Four years ago I bought two gas fireplaces from Woodburners Two in Falls Church, Virginia.

I love my fireplaces, but from day one I have had nothing but trouble from the people who work there.

The word clusterfuck comes to mind.

After months of trying to get my gas inserts installed I vowed that I would never deal with this company again.

But oh, I am a glutton for punishment so when my pilot light went out in my downstairs fireplace the other day I called Woodburners Two.

They told me to relight my pilot light. That there were directions online.

They said if I couldn't figure it out they could come service it in 11 days.

11 days! It is winter!

I went on their website and after 20 minutes of searching (I work online. I am on the internet at least six hours a day, I know how to navigate a website) I finally found the "instructions".

My husband, who has an engineering degree and builds buildings for a living couldn't make sense out of their directions.

I called Woodburners Two back and left a message that I would like to make an appointment for service.

Nobody called me back. It has been three days. THREE BUSINESS DAYS.

This morning I called again. A woman answered the phone like this (I am not making this up):

"Is this Woodburners Two?"

I said "Oh, I am trying to call Woodburners Two."

She said "Oh, we're not open yet."

I said "Okay."

Then she said "Fine. What do you want?"

I said "I'd like to make an appointment for service."

She said "Service isn't open today."

Yes people, Woodburners Two doesn't have Saturday service. They don't even take calls for service on the weekend.

I said "Well, I left a message on Wednesday and nobody has gotten back to me."

The woman said "Well, yeah. She is busy and she is getting back to people in the order they called."

I said "Oohhhhhkayyyyy".

And then she didn't say anything!

I said "I am very disappointed in your customer service."

She said "We're very busy."

I said "I'll call another place that can service my fireplace."

And then I did.

Woodburners Two has given me no compensation for this review. In fact, they have given me nothing but grief for four years.


Anonymous said...

Intersting experience and story. I'mlooking into Lopi gas inserts and called Woodburners Two this morning (Wed) at 11:30 and got their answering machine. Maybe they are too busy to answer the phone ;-)

So... where did you end up going for service?

Magpie said...

i love reviews like this. i write them too. i usually put 'em on my main blog, though.

Anonymous said...

I also have had problems with Woodburners Two. Fours years ago, I went through a whole house renovation and had three fireplaces installed by this company (installing gas inserts into three existing fireplaces). They also digged up a gas line so I could convert my electrical stove to a gas stove. Since then, two of my fireplaces did not work using the remote control.... and yes, I changed the batteries. I called them so many times and experienced the same thing..... rude customer service.
Who did you end up going for the service? I would appreciate you sharing this information so I can use my fireplaces this winter. Thanks.

Mayank said...

Thanks for the candid review Sarah. I was just about to call them for a Gas Fireplace Service .... but don't think I will do so now.

Would really like to know who you ended up going with and how your experience was.


Anonymous said...

We used WB2 when we went from real logs to gas logs 6 years ago. Our firebox is fairly small. They installed 21" gas burner. We had issues with it every Fall. It was replaced once and then last year the "tech" said they didn't carry 21" anymore and installed 24". Well that was a very tight fit. We had issues again this year and found out the 24" had a leak. They then stated only an 18" should be installed and that's why we had problems all these years! They had our firebox dimensions from day took all these years to get corrected? And it did cost us several $100s in the long run.
Customer service and leaving vmails? Non-existent...days if never get callbacks unless we initiated again. I had a friend with the same issues.
Anyone recommend another store for future support?

Pia said...

Just bought two inserts from Woodburners Two.

They did not leave a registration card for me to register with the manufacturer, Travis Industries for the first insert + the guy was in a hurry to leave and gave me no instructions to "burn" the fireplace with windows open due to smell.
The second insert was missing the front. The salesman, Terrence, "forgot" to order it. The insert does not work also, and keep calling them, but no one would come on line.
I will just go in on Saturday and throw a fit - maybe then I will get some attention!

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