Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

In my life long quest to make everything I like to do all part of the same thing, look what I made for my friend Kim for BlogHer.

ClumberKim Coffee Sleeve

Cool, huh?

If you find her at BlogHer she will probably grace you with one - assuming you use your manners.

It was my very first order in my new line of business. I am very proud.

Of course, my second order was me stepping up one level.

Sarah and the Goon Squad Corkscrews


I know. Now I can drink wine when I travel too!

Fear not. I still have plenty of beer openers left over if you are in need. I will have those too.

I can also sell not beverage related items, I just haven't had a reason to do so yet.

Wait until you see what I got for Draft Day Suit.

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