Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nintendo Enthused

When I signed up to be a Nintendo Enthusiast I had no idea it would be so cool.

Last week I got a package from Fed Ex. I had no idea what it was.

It was this.

I had no idea what it was.

A huge copy of "Pride and Prejudice"?

Oh, it was huge. See it here next to a regulation length pencil.

I love the novel, but... weird. But wait! This was no book. It was a clever packaging. This was awesome in a box.

With slightly larger than average cat.

With two slightly larger than average cats.

My cats love this for some reason.

Anyway. The DS was awesome, but it was so much more than that. Here is what I was expecting:

I was so happy about this. I've been reading e-books for years. I probably started reading books on my Palm Pilot in 2000, maybe even 1999. From there I eventually moved on to e-reader on my iPhone, to kindle on my iPhone, to an actual Kindle.

When I found out Nintendo was releasing the "game" "100 Classic Books" I thought it would be a fantastic way to finally get around to reading all of those classics that I haven't read yet.

This is no joke. I've been on a quest to read classic literature. Since The Goon Squad was born I've read "Moby Dick", "Pride and Prejudice", "Anna Karenina", "Wuthering Heights", "A Tale of Two Cities", "Emma", "Crime and Punishment", "The Metamorphosis", "Dune", "Lolita", "A Light in August", "Ulysses" and "Heart of Darkness". This allows me to do that and make it fun.

The thing is that I thought they were going to send me the game and I would have to fight my children to use their DSs.

But Nintendo and Brand About Town had my back.

I had no need to worry. They send me a special DS. This is no DS Lite - oh no. This is a DSiXL.

Plus this one is red. Or purple. Whatever. I love it.

But that isn't the coolest part. Check this out:

Cool huh?

I am going to start with "War and Peace".

Now you see why I am enthused.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I was searching for something else on google and found this. I created those boxes!

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