Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heads Up - Palm Technical Support

Those of you who read my other blog may know that I read a lot of books on my Palm Pilot. I used to be a huge Palm supporter.

No longer.

I got my 4th Palm Pilot in December. It is my third in three years. I don't blame Palm for the death of the first of those three. Ian spilled water on that one.

The second Palm shit the bed died in six months and one day after I bought it. How can I be so sure of the time frame? It had a six month warranty. I called two days after my warranty expired.

The third one (my fourth Palm, but the third in three years) has been having problems since the third month I had it.

Did I mention that you have to PAY for technical support over the phone if you call Palm more than 90 days after the purchase of your device.

Screw that.

Who do they think they are? The thing cost less than $200 and I have to pay them $20 for a phone call?

I chose to chat with representatives online (free) which in the last six days has sucked up at least seven hours of my time. If I charged them $20/hr I could almost buy a new one.

But I won't be buying a product from the Palm Corporation again.

Who knows of a good way for me to read books electronically? (I would love to get an Amazon Kindle but I don't have a spare $400 right now.)


De in D.C. said...

You have an iphone, don't you? Can't you read books on that? If not, why the hell not Apple?

Anonymous said...

Palm technical support sucks to the fullest. I have a Treo 680 unlocked which I bought for 400 from Palm.com and 6 months into use the camera went out. Called tech support they said they can't locate record of purchase and asked that I fax it in.
Did that and called back two days later .. "no we did not receive your fax". Faxed it in again and "no we still didn't receive your fax". That piece of shit die one month after it was out of warranty. Ok .. bought another Treo 750 for 300 .. now its shitting out again .. called, faxed, emailed, and spoke to 3 different managers before they letme send it back in .. now that it's there and 6 wks later and I still don't even have the phone. They promise to send it out after one week and I have yet to see anything. Fuckin' Palm should burn in hell and all those fuckin' managers that made promises should burn in hell too .. and those executives should go back to school because none of those fuckers hold a Ph.D. ... this is why Palm has been so shitty!!

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