Friday, May 23, 2008

Sarah Reviews Circle of Friends Bath Products for Children

A couple (fine, probably six) months ago the lovely people at Circle of Friends sent me some bath products to try out on the Goon Squad.

Each product has a child on it (a cartoon child) and information about the country where the kid came from and little facts about the region where he or she lives.

My children and I love the bath products. My kids really identify it as something that belongs to them.

"Where is my Ana Banana shampoo?"

The products work well and my kids love to use them which is good because it means they are cleaner.

My only concerns are 1) My husband thinks that the Safari Detangler is racist. I disagree but I can see where he is coming from and 2) I am afraid to use the duck sponge because it looks like a sandwich from a gas station. Fortunately, they aren't all brown and I doubt you could confuse the other ones for stale wheat bread.

Over all I have a very favorable impression of the Circle of Friends products. They are as gentle as any of the other baby washes we use on a regular basis.

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