Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Nintendo DS Potty Trained My Children

I'm not trying to be crude here, I swear, but let me tell you a little story about how my Nintendo DS (Lite) helped to potty train my kids.

Back in April I went to Johnson and Johnson's Camp Baby one of the things I left with was a Nintendo DS Lite. I was very excited. I figured I would give it to my husband and he would forgive me for abandoning him for three days to go hang out in New Jersey for three days with a bunch of other lady bloggers.

I was right.

In fact, he bought Super Mario Brothers for the thing before I even got home.

What I didn't count on was the fact that my children would also be obsessed with it.

I figured that this was something I could use to my advantage.

Look, I know that nobody (well, not nobody, but most people) wants to sit around and discuss their bathroom habits, but how many people can honestly say that they don't read in their own bathroom?

Well, my kids can't read yet and they would get really bored sitting on the toilet trying to poop.

Enter the DS.

The kids are allowed to use the DS if they are on the potty and trying to poop.

I don't know if that is healthy or not, but I do know this - they've been doing a much better job of pooping in the toilet instead of in their pants.

I'd like to also believe that it helps their eye-hand coordination.

Maybe problem solving skills? (Is that pushing it?)

Either way, thank you Nintendo. It never would have occurred to me to go out and buy a DS as a toilet training tool but it really seems to be working for us.

Now I just wish I had two.


Mommakitten said...

This post cracks me up! I totally believe that is would work! I am going yo have to try it once the boys get to this potty training age :)

divrchk said...

My daughter potty trained doing Hidden Pictures - the book put out by Highlights. We spent way too much time in the bathroom.

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